welcome to       DELTA-OPTIONS

At Delta-Options, our goal is to generate a consistent monthly income for our subscribers.  We set our sites to exceptional yet realistic monthly goals and follow strict guidelines implementing fundamental and technical analysis which in our view is a better approach than using technical analysis by itself.  Since our returns have historically been much more consistent, there is less concern about losing multiple months of returns in one bad trade.  Let us use our tools and resources to design a great monthly plan for you. Our subscribers require and rely on consistent returns and we deliver!



what we do

We build plans for two strategies, buy-write and credit spreads as well as design specific plans for existing portfolios. The more conservative, buy-write has down side protection that underlying stock on its own does not have.  Perfect for building and preserving wealth or to generate monthly income consistently using quality lower beta positions.  Credit Spreads offer greater reward with smaller margin requirements.  We take the time  to thoroughly analyze and only use 90% probability models with a conservative and appropriate time frame based on market conditions. This means that the short term credit spread model has not breached thresholds more than 10% of the time during the charting period. We also offer individual plans tailored to existing portfolios.  The objective is to leverage short to mid term option contracts against existing equity and commodity portfolios to generate additional return and hedge against volatile market conditions.

how we're different

Rather than just using a technical analysis approach, Delta-Options strives to build quality opportunities by thorough technical and fundamental analysis.  We study the sector and indexes, the underlying stock and market conditions relative to the stock as well as the option contract chosen for the plan.  This requires constant planning, recalculating and staying connected to all markets and corporate action events, to achieve a successful plan.  


Our team is fully licensed and each have an average of 12 years of industry experience.  Principal experience ranges from trade desk and portfolio management and analysis to compliance and regulatory oversight.  


Don't take unnecessary chances with your hard earned money.  All investing entails some risk -Delta-Options avoids the quick temptations and strives to build consistently successful opportunities.

what you'll receive

When subscribing to our monthly opportunity plan,  you will receive a weekly letter containing both weekly and monthly plans -including spreads and buy-write contracts, described in detail including: the plans goal and strategy, specific contracts traded and entry points and any allowable variance.  Since our plans are monitored at all times, any follow up adjustments are emailed as necessary with high importance.  Additionally, we are available 24/7 for any and all questions including proper order execution.